The Woman In White - Hub Young Adult Readers - Stage 3 - Book With Audio CD

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The Woman in White is the first English 'sensation novel' full of mystery and dark secrets. After meeting a strange woman one night in London, Walter Hartright begins to realise that this mysterious woman is connected, in some way, to his new life at Limmeridge House and the woman he loves, Laura Fairlie. The story is told through different characters, and soon we find Walter, Marian and Laura caught up in frightening world of crime, madness and mistaken identity. Count Fosco with Sir Percival Glyde, will do anything to get their hands on Laura's money and think up a terrible crime that could destroy her life forever.
Autor(a)Wilkie Collins
EditoraHub Editorial
Coleção/SerieHub - Young Adult Readers
IdiomaInglês Britânico
Faixa etáriaJovens Adultos (15-21) à Adultos (+21)
Níveis de ensinoPré-Intermediário (B1.1) à Intermediário (B1.2)
Ano de edição2015
Dimensões 21,00 X 14,50
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