The Heinle Picture Dictionary - Examview CD-ROM - Second Edition

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"Words in Context" shows how the language is actually used through accessible, contextualized readings. “Word Partnerships” helps students use high-frequency word patterns and collocations like a native speaker. "Words in Action" provides practice with new words through classroom activities. The Lesson Planner, with 342 fully developed lesson plans, provides extensive multilevel support for the busy teacher. The Activity Bank CD-ROM, included in the Lesson Planner, contains reproducible activity masters that can be customized for individual and classroom use. The Audio CDs allow students to improve listening and pronunciation skills with recordings of the target vocabulary and “Words in Context. Beginning and Intermediate Workbooks reinforce and consolidate classroom instruction with vocabulary, listening, and grammar practice.
ISBN 9781133563204
Autor(a) Heinle (Autor)
Editora National Geographic Learning - Cengage
Coleção/Serie The Heinle Picture Dictionary
Idioma Inglês Americano
Ano de edição 2014
Acabamento CD-ROM
Dimensões 15,80 X 12,20

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