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Knowledge And Belief An Introduction To The Logic Of The Two Notions By Jaakko Hintikka Prepared By Vincent F. Hendricks & John Symons In 1962 Jaakko Hintikka Published Knowledge And Belief: An Introduction To The Logic Of The Two Notions With Cornell University Press. Almost Every Paper Or A Book On Epistemic And Doxastic Logic That Has Appeared Since Then Has Referred To This Seminal Work. Although Many Philosophers Working In Logic, Epistemology, Game-Theory, Economics, Computer Science And Linguistics Mention The Book, It Is Very Likely That Most Have Never Literally Had Their Hands On It, Much Less Owned A Copy. After A Fourth Printing In 1969, Knowledge And Belief Went Out Of Print And As Many Of Us Have Found To Our Dismay, It Has Become Increasingly Difficult To Find Used Copies At Our Local Shops Or Online. It Is Our Pleasure To Provide The Interdisciplinary Community With This Reprint Edition Of Knowledge And Belief. Knowledge And Belief Is A Classic On Which A Generation - My Generation - Of Epistemologists Cut Their Teeth. This Reissue Is Welcome. It Will Provide Something For The Next Generation To Chew On. - Fred Dretske, Duke University It Is Wonderful To See This Classic Being Reissued After So Many Years Out Of Print. It Was Extremely Influential In Its Day; Its Influence Continues To This Day, Through The Impact Of Epistemic Logic In Fields As Diverse Distributed Computing, Artificial Intelligence, And Game Theory. This Reissue Should Make It Possible For A New Generation Of Researchers To Appreciate Hintikka's Groundbreaking Work. - Joseph Halpern, Cornell University

ISBN 9788520920749
Autor(a) Bohjalian, Chris
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Ano de edição 2008
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