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Considerable research has gone on in recent years into exactly what happens in the language classroom--what and how learners learn, what teachers actually do, and what kind of events take place. Sometimes the findings show that what happens is not what is expected when lessons are being prepared and taught. Allwright and Bailey set out to define the aims, principles, and objectives of classroom research, to describe the findings and relate these to teaching practice. All teachers will find in this book much that they can relate to their classrooms. It contains points to discuss, suggestions for further reading, and mini-projects, all of which can either be carried out by the individual reader or by teachers working in groups
AutoresAllwright, Dick; Bailey, Kathleen M.
EditoraCambridge University Press - ELT
Coleção/SerieCambridge Language Teaching Library
IdiomaInglês Britânico
Faixa etáriaAdultos (+21)
Níveis de ensinoAvançado (C1)
Ano de edição1991
Dimensões 22,70 X 15,20

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